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McCain hasn't had all that much experience for that matter. Most presidents don't fly aircraft or serve in the Senate. What else has he done?

Besides, like most Senators, he hasn't had 26 years experience in the Senate. He's had one year's experience 26 times.

I have never thought you were moronic or mentally defective for your political choices. However...

This election, like every election since I turned 18, is about picking the lesser of two evils. I have yet to have a presidential candidate that I wanted to vote for. It has always been about voting against the other guy.

That being said, you can dismiss experience all you want, but a certain amount of experience is necessary for any executive job, but especially to be President. Bush didn't have a long resume of executive experience, but he had a resume full of political wins in Texas.

McCain has very few positions I look for in a candidate, but Obama is even farther from what I want.

We've argued this point till we're all blue in the face, but no one is now, nor have they ever, condoned torture. When you use torture and water boarding interchangeably, you can make your point. When you don't believe water boarding should be classified as torture, it changes the entire meaning of your argument. To me, if you are willing to undergo something for a Vanity Fair article, it is not torture. I don't see any of them lining up to have their arms broken or to have things shoved under their fingernails, but if they can get some video of a reporter coughing and sputtering because of water boarding, then it must be torture and we all must be outraged. Because they declare it so.

But back to the main point. I am against Obama for a number of reasons;

His stance on taxes - He wants to raise pretty much every tax he can get his hands on
His stance on the war - Which comes down to "I don't give a damn if we're winning or not. It's more important to never fight, ever, because we can talk our way out of anything." Look, I don't like war. I don't know anyone who does like war. But when war is brought against you, you either lay down and take it like a bitch, or you man up and fight. I'm placing Obama squarely in the first category.
His lack of judgement when it comes to personal associations. - Forget Jeremiah Wright, black liberation theology, his church's support of Palestinian terrorists, or Tony Rezko. Those are annoying enough, but I could get past them. But his association with William Ayers, an admitted terrorist, is completely unacceptable. Imagine if a Republican presidential candidate was associated with someone who had bombed an abortion clinic, or helped to build a nail bomb that prematurely exploded and killed several of his co-conspirators, and was completely unrepentant. Or worse yet, that he openly gloated about it, and wished he had done more. That candidate would never see the light of day. However, because the roles are reversed and the terrorist in question is a leftists, everything is fine.
The fact that he is a product of the Chicago political scene. He couldn't even win his first election without fighting dirty. Instead of campaigning on his alleged strengths and giving the population a reason to vote for him, he campaigned behind closed doors and used procedural moves to get his opponents thrown off the ballot. Hows that for hopitude and changiness?

You want to restore our moral standing in the world? I say fuck the rest of the world. It's not the president's job to put the world's opinion of the United States above the best interests of the United States. Hell, we can't even get most of the Democratic leadership or your average moveon.org or Kos Kid to like America, why would we expect the socialists across the pond to like us? The President should be expected to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. (S)He is not expected to roll over and make nice to every socialists who gets thrown into office in Europe.

Incidentally, have you noticed that despite all the alleged hating of America in Europe, France, Spain and Germany have all elected leaders closer to Bush than to Obama? I wonder how that could be, that they would be becoming more conservative while we move farther and farther toward socialism? Could it be that they are starting to realize that they have spent the last 50 years bent over, fucking themselves?

McCain has a lot of attributes I don't like. He's been all in favor of legislation that I think is bad for America; "comprehensive" immigration reform, voted against tax cuts, McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy. The list goes on and on. However, when stacking him up against Obama, I have to go with Maverick this time. Were it a choice between McCain and an actual conservative, I would dump McCain faster than Edwards lost his pants for Rielle Hunter, but I don't have that choice.

I, too, would like to see America change. But the change I want is more freedom, and I don't see Democrats offering that. What I see under Democrats is more regulation; of the environment, of speech, of business, of my money, of health care and pretty much anything else they can get their hands on.

Like Scott said in a previous thread, I don't want government taking care of me, and I don't expect either of these candidates to have a dramatic impact on my day to day life. If Obama wins, my taxes will go up, and I'll probably have to adjust to our new overlords in the state run health care system, but in the ends, we'll all be fine. We'll find ways to work around whatever obstacles they put in front of us, just as we've been doing for decades. It might take a little more work, but hey, America was built with a lot of hard work and it'll keep going because its citizens are still willing to roll up their sleeves and get after it.

I almost forgot the one other reason why I cannot support Obama. His "endorsement" by the the Communist Party of the USA. Okay, it's not really an endorsement, as he's not quite socialist enough for them. But when the communists call you a step in the right direction, it's reason for normal people to be concerned.

The President should be expected to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.....

Because this has been at the top of every administrations "to do" list sine 1913.

Especially the current administration.

I agree with Tom's last comment 100%.

Oops. That was me.

You really captured the stakes of this election. I simply cannot vote for McCain. I may not necessarily WANT to vote for Obama (I'm waiting for the vp decision), but I *can* vote for him... and I won't hold my nose like I did in 2004.

"I, personally, am supporting Obama for a lot of reasons having more to do with temperament and vision than anything else. "

No, you're supporting O'Bama cuz you're a Democrat.

That, and compared to Richardson anyone can look like a genius.

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