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Ok, so maybe a bit of over hype, but really you guys just kill me. One minute we're in a hopeless war we can't win, and the next minute we're winning, but it ain't really no big whup. It's like the war never even happened over at Sully's place!

I've been doing a lot of reading about Petraeus over the last year, and I have to agree with McCain on this one. I agree with you to a lesser extent.

This is not merely a blood and guts war; this is a war for the hearts and minds of an entire nation, and Petraeus has won on both fronts. The man has pretty much single-handedly rewritten how the U.S. wages war, and his plan resulted in a decisive victory.

I say he's due pretty much any accolade we can give him.

"Self-Dramatizing Nitwit"

Yes, as opposed to Obama, who in a lifetime of achieving nothing in particular, has written two autobiographies. Obama, who in his modesty, proclaimed that with his ascension, now is the time that the oceans will stop rising. Obama, who self-effacingly said that "we are the ones we have been waiting for." Royal we, no doubt.

I know that we are in the process of declaring victory so we can leave Iraq but sectarian violence is still on the rise as are attacks on "Coalition Forces." Iraq has not been pacified. The Greatest Generation, with a little help from the USSR, managed to pacify both Nazi Germany(w/o nukes) and Japan in less time than we have been mired in Iraq. The Marshall Plan then set about the process of rebuilding both nations, politically and economically. In Iraq, we have neither victory nor a Marshall Plan to ensure the peace afterwards. Even a military genius would have problems with this mess. Maybe Patreus should try elepants?

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