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I've been gone for a few days and hadn't read the blog, but I just finished making my way through the comments. When I saw that one, I just shook my head. If Squid can't see how ridiculous that statement is in and of itself, then there is not much else to talk about. It's like saying no one wants a woman for president, but it has nothing to do with gender.

The truth is, I wouldn't care to have either a black man or a woman as president, just not Obama or Hillary. Hell, I would have voted for Margaret Thatcher in a heartbeat. And I would be the first one in line to volunteer for J.C. Watts should he decide to run.

Perhaps Tom you miss Squidley's point. Maybe it's man and not black that is the key. So, misogynist not racist.

Frank actually would be the better target for your viciously satirical efforts. Squidley is too easy.

Well, I'm happy to help out however I can.

.....my comments...so unimportant.....not even on Kens' radar?

I guess we'd all better BAM! kick it up a notch.

First thought: go for it, Tom!

Now, more seriously.

Let me put it to you this way.

Japan has a tiny minority population: just over 1% of the people living in Japan are not ethnically Japanese. However, there is a Japanese politician, Marutei Tsurunen, a naturalized Finn whose birth name is Martti Turunen. He is the first Westerner to be elected to the Japanese parliament. While he may be a fine politician, he will never serve as Prime Minister, because the Japanese will never, ever select him, or someone who looks like him, to serve in that post.

Is it racist of the Japanese to decline to select a blue-eyed Caucasian to be their leader and their representative to the world?

Back to America. This country was founded by whites (WASPs, primarily), and, until the mass European immigration that started over a century ago, was primarily of English and Scots stock, with a smattering of Germans, French, and what-not. At present, blacks are around 13% of the population, while whites are nearly 3/4 at 74% of the population (2006 figures). I believe that while many people think that it is acceptable and appropriate for minorities to fully participate in our society, including politics, they also believe it is inappropriate to have a non-white serve in the highly symbolic and representative position of president. For them, it would be too much of a break from our heritage and our history, too much of a break from the actual American people.

If you believe that position is racist, then that's what I call racism™. It's the idea that no consideration of race--by whites, anyway--can be valid. On the other hand, the same people (liberals, of course) who condemn whites as racist™ are the ones who exhort and expect minorities to act in their own, racially-defined interests. If that's not a hypocritical double standard, then I don't know what is.

As I have stated before, I find Obama to be utterly unacceptable for reasons that have nothing to do with his race. I have also said that I might have supported Colin Powell had he decided to run for office. In fact, I agree with Martin Luther King's dream that some day, his little children will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin; unfortunately, the ensconcement of Affirmative Action and other racially-based programs means that, if anything, we're farther from his dream now than we were when he gave that speech.

Ultimately, I'm simply trying to present another point of view, one that is so far away from the liberalism that pervades every aspect of our degraded society that it is nearly unintelligible to those still caught in liberalism's thrall--and that includes the vast majority of "conservatives." Chose to reject and ridicule it if you like, but that won't make it go away.

Squidley is possibly a white supremacist/white seperatist.

This whole thing is null and void because Obama is bi-racial.

Most people in this country have a grand or great-grandparent of some non-white background.

and Japan wouldn't elect a white prime minister primarily because of racism, real honest racism. I live in Japan, I know that the racism is real. It's not always a disadvantaging racism, but it is a truly dedicated "us v them" mentality. Also, this guy is "naturalized" as in, not born or brought up in the Japanese culture.

So you're saying that the US should only be run by WASPs because the majority are WASPs and therefore the only way to make sure that the interests of the WASPs are kept in the forefront is to elect WASPs. You might be following a fairly logical path with this reasoning (considering where it begins, logical.), but since when do all WASPs agree on politics?

Obama is half-WASP. FACT.

As I have stated before, I find Obama to be utterly unacceptable for reasons that have nothing to do with his race...

And yet race is always where you begin your argument.

I disagree with Jessica that you are a racist/white separatist. I don't think that for the purposes of my comment its even relevant. I think, that you believe that for some reason (without any explanation required) you think that whomever "represents" this country needs to look like you. I can't fathom why but hey its your opinion and you are entitled to it.

The fact of the matter is that at least since around the turn of the century; Americans, your fellow citizens, have almost exclusively selected the buckethead who promises the most loot with the least pain for the recipients. FDR (may he burn in hell for all eternity), LBJ, and the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania all cater to your precious fellows by saying, "Vote for me and I will banish all bad things: Swarthy middle easterners, Swarthy Mexicans, Swarthy gay guys, halitosis, middle age spread, etc...at absolutely no cost to you". I see no reason why a greasy pol like Obama is any less up to the task.

Hell Squid....since you are so hung up about white guys running this fiasco you might want a brother frontin the establishment when the shit really hits the fan in 2009 & 2010. That way you can at least claim plausible deniability..."t'wern't us who fucked things up so bad it was that uppity nigra"!

Realistically Squid, you should expect Obama/Biden to sweep this November with all the attendant misery that is likely to result! Hunker down and wait for the fun to start! You have nobody to blame but yourself.

We've had this discussion before.

An Englishman who's not sure he wants a black man representing Merry Olde England makes some slight degree of sense, as does a Japanese person who doesn't want a Finn in office (though yes, the Japanese have a lot of racism in their culture - but that won't stop you from getting dates if you head over there); America has long been a nation of immigrants, however, and so I don't see the issue with having a black man as president.

Obama, I see the issue.

America is not now, and has never been, "a nation of immigrants." To make this claim is to relegate to second-class citizen status the people who were born and raised here, the people who have always been the majority.

America was founded by people who were born and raised here. For most of our history, it was those people, the descendants of colonists, not immigrants, who made up the people of this country.

A bit more than a hundred years ago, we started a program of large-scale immigration, letting in people from all over Europe. We opened up the gates too wide, and the massive influx got to be a problem. Americans narrowed the gates, and let those people assimilate. Indeed, we required their assimilation. (They did, mainly because they were highly similar to existing Americans and therefore able to assimilate.)

However, it is true that the overwhelming majority of Americans have ancestors who came from elsewhere within the past 400 years. So what? If you go back far enough, everyone on Earth came from "elsewhere"--even in Africa. There's been so much migration within Africa that except for historically-documented cases, we can't even tell how long a given people have been inhabiting a certain locale.

But I digress. By mindlessly repeating the tired old canard about America allegedly being a nation of immigrants--which it is not now, and has never been--you not only play into the liberal lies about America, you also play into the liberal denigration of the actual people who make up this country. It's another way they have of making the transfiguration of America palatable to people who would otherwise never accept it.

These issues are much more fully explored and explicated here.

As for a black president, no one seems to notice this, but I keep saying that it is not my position that a black man is inappropriate to serve as our representative. It depends on the man. Even so, I will admit to understanding that position.

Yes, Obama is half-white--but you'd never know it from how he self-identifies. Not only does he self-identify as black--which, for example, the mixed-race Tiger Woods does not--he has gone to great lengths to deny his white heritage and denigrate whites, most spectacularly by his 20-year membership in a Black Liberation Theology "church," a "church" where his own mother would not have been welcome, a "church" that preaches hatred of whites, to wit:

Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.

That is one of the many reasons why I find Obama unacceptable: Obama, by his associations, reveals himself to be an anti-white racist.

More later.

Mr. Squidley,
I am a white man of German / Protestant descent. My family arrived in the US during that time when "the massive influx got to be a problem". Am I to be disenfranchised as well? What are your bona fides regarding this hereditary citizenship you seem to favor? Miles Standish? John Alden? Sir Walter Raleigh? And are you sure you have not been tainted with mudblood like my own or worse, touched with the tar brush? Did your family vet every human they spread their legs for or inseminated?
As for America no longer being a nation of immigrants, have you been in a cab or a 7-11 lately? Do you or your neighbors ever have any landscaping done? Do you know how your food (meat and vegetables) actually begin their journey from farm to table?
Last, Japan is a blatantly racist country, using them as an example of what we should aspire is ridiculous. Your claim to be "simply trying to present another point of view" condenses down to the fact that you desire all those who are not "like" you to be relegated to some sort of second-class citizen status.

That is one of the many reasons why I find Obama unacceptable: Obama, by his associations, reveals himself to be an anti-white racist.

Probably not, though still possible. I think you'll find that Obama is much more the political opportunist than black liberation theologist/anti white racist.

Squid I like you but I sometimes wonder if you've ever had a thought that Lawrence Auster didn't put there first.

I typed in a nice long response; I wonder what happened to it.

To recap:

BG, your arguments are specious. This country was founded by WASPs, extolling WASP virtues. Other Europeans are more or less assimilable, though there was great debate over whether to let less-similar Europeans in. The reason immigration was stopped in the '20s is that it was too much, too fast, and some groups, such as Italian criminals that formed the Mafia, were causing significant problems.

The real issue is with the highly dissimilar, perhaps unassimilable immigrants coming in now: Asians, Africans, Mestizos. Your examples--cab drivers, convenience store clerks, manual laborers--are all for unskilled labor. We have no shortage of people able to do that work--who do you think did it before the massive influx of illegal aliens? What's more, there's no evidence that the majority of people coming in now are even capable of becoming members of a first-world economy. Why on earth would we want to import people whose descendants will help turn America into a two-tiered society?

In any case, I am not a a white separatist or white nationalist. I am, to coin a phrase, a nation-ist: I believe all people should live in their own countries. That way, each people can practice their own religion, speak their own language, practice their own customs, and generally get along with each other. The reason is that when heterogeneous people come into contact, there is conflict. History shows us that this conflict is normally resolved by either war or oppression, and I am opposed to the unnecessary application of either. By allowing each people to have their own nation (to the extent practicable), and by keeping minority populations to a minimum, you maximize each individuals' ability to live in harmony with his neighbors--to the extent that the neighbors are willing and able, of course. In the US, not only the Mestizos from south of the border, but also other groups, including Hmong, Vietnamese, Russians, and Moslems, have brough strife, conflict, and crime with them to our country. Apart from the yummy ethnic restaurants they provide us with, how have they made America better? They haven't: they've made it worse. How is ethnic division making America stronger, safer, more prosperous? It isn't: it's made it weaker, more dangerous, and less prosperous.


Thanks for the kind words. I find that Lawrence Auster most often either writes what I wanted to say better than I find myself able to say, or that he put in to words that which I had already inchoately thought but not yet articulated. He also is able to discuss issues passionately yet fairly, on an intellectual plane that has all but disappeared from modern discourse. He's a breath of fresh air in a miasma of ad hominem slurs and knee-jerk emotionalism.

Everyone else,

I'll get to the issue of the Japanese, who are not so much racist as race-aware, later--I hope.

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