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Aren't you the one who said that this story didn't matter? Does it matter now because eight long months after the National Enquirer broke the story, the New York Times is finally deigning to cover it?

This affair was known before the Iowa caucuses. I think it should have been covered then--but that's probably my "right-wing bias," just like the news media have (guffaw!). Is Edwards' affair--and his risible claim that the child isn't his--only relevant now that Edwards is a has-been--even though he was a potential pick for VP or some other post in an upcoming Democratic administration?

Tom, if the MSM's failure to cover this, especially in contrast to their coverage of Larry Craig, doesn't cause you to re-examine your conviction about bias in the newsroom, I don't know what will.

Oh yeah--let's not forget the news media's coverage of John McCain's non-affair, which had, apparently, no basis in fact whatsoever--but got far more coverage than this sordid affair which Edwards has admitted to.

No media bias or double-standard at all--except in the right-leaning direction, eh, Tom?

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