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Great post! I have a love/hate relationship with trains, but these days they're better than planes. My daughter lived in Sonoma and I've been there several times and love it. A hot air balloon ride over that area is breathtaking and you can look an eagle in the eye. Glad you had a good trip, look forward to hearing more.

Terrific recap. We trained to Denver once when the kids were younger; great way to travel, although Amtrak does seem to do everything they can to fail on capitalizing on a unique monopoly. Our purser was a nice guy whose name was "Sprite". Every time he came into the car, I'd look at the kids with Horror, and say, "If Sprite is here.....whose driving the train?!" They'd freak out and then we'd all laugh. Turns out that little sentence is family legend.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I'm really enjoying it, if only vicariously.

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