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The difference is that McCain was a POW, was a leading figure in the Keating 5 scandal and 22 year member of the Republican Congressional majority that has shaped our current state of affairs. Obama as any Republican VPIWF can tell you, has done nothing. The narrative is that an old warhorse with a bad temper, who did poorly at the USNA, who crashed 3 planes before failing to evade an ground to air missile, who in his own book admits he told his captors he would exchange military information for medical treatment, ran around on his wife, etc, etc is more qualified than a very intelligent junior Senator whose success says much about the the possibilties of life in the US. If the past 8 years have shown us anything it's that we need a President who does not substitute sticking by his guns for thinking.

It happened again--I find myself agreeing with Wally! Are the planets aligning? Are the dead rising to greet the second coming?

Anyway, McCain, with 22 years in the military and 26 years in the Senate, has achieved things. He has accomplishments. He's lived a life worth talking about. I disagree with many most of his political choices, but he's left a mark.

This is in contrast to Obama, who is a singularly unaccomplished mediocrity and a product of Affirmative Action.

Oh, and the title of "The Audacity of Hope" gives yet more evidence that Obama is a liar. Remember how he claimed that he didn't really pay that much attention to Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright's sermons? The title is lifted from one of Wright's hate-whitey bash-America rants.

Ultimately, what matters more than what these two damaged people (McCain & Obama) have accomplished is their positions, best exemplified by their records. A brief recounting (sources here):

American Conservative Union lifetime rating: McCain, 82.16%; Obama, 7.67%.
Americans for Tax Reform lifetime rating: McCain, 82.7%; Obama, 7.5%.
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste lifetime rating: McCain, 88%; Obama, 18%.
Club for Growth's Congressional Scorecard: McCain, 94%; Obama, 0%.

The Campaign for Children and Families says:

Let the record show that John McCain and Barack Obama are polar opposites on partial-birth abortion, parental notification of abortion, marriage protection on the ballot, homosexual indoctrination of schoolchildren, gay adoptions, gun-owner rights, activist judges, and raising taxes...

Experience, while a factor, is nowhere near as important as actual positions as exemplified by actions. I still think McCain is awful and can't vote for him; I still believe that a McCain victory will be more harmful for conservatism than an Obama victory. I just can't see how people who know about Obama's record, his associations, and his positions can still support him.

P.S.: Tom, you're welcome for all the blog fodder I've been providing.

I should have been more explicit in my original statement: Obama's primary competence is self-promotion. He is, at best, lackluster in his other pursuits.

SInce the WSJ calls both of Obama's self-love fests "autobiographies," I will too.

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