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Okay, I was reading along, smiling to myself as you set me up and then when I got to #6 I laughed out loud, nearly spitting water all over my monitor.

Y'know, I don't believe this is how we go - I just don't see any way to match it up with the Book of Revelation, so it's out for me - but nevertheless...

I have never found anything so scary as this machine.

Just got back from Sully's blog. No worries! He says Barack will save us. No details yet, but he's quite confident.

#2 man, blew my mind.

/Tommy Chong voice

Seriously, you almost had $10 Riesling shooting out my nose with that one.

Okay, I was reading along, smiling to myself as you set me up and then when I got to #6

#6???? What...the machine is already working and distortions in the space/time continuum are screwing up Toms numbering scheme?

While ending Switzerland may or may not be a good thing depending on one's foreign policy preferences, it's not going to happen. There's nothing at LHC that doesn't happen in the real world all the time, just basically at random and therefore unobserved.

But as long as we run with the premise (tiny but stable black holes ripping themselves to the earth's center and there beginning to eat our planet):

1. This would take a lot of time. We speak about black holes the size of an atomic nucleus and with almost no weight and gravity. Therefore, they'll feed very slowly before they will gain enough mass to really do something and grow more rapidly.

2. Strictly physical, I don't think there's anything proposing particles reach the speed of light while falling into a black hole. It's also not related to the cause of dying. Unless, of course, you're ripped apart body while accelerating will still produce sensations. No one knows what stuff the soul is made of and how it will react to gravity.

3. Still, given the length of a standard news cycle and an expected lack of rivaling news from the time we learn we're all going to die, the last years will probably seem like eternity already. It will also boost our wish to die thus reconcile us with our fate. So, finally the msm will have a purpose again.

4. Politically, I smell great chances for a Palin-Huckabee ticket. When to turn to end time believers if not in actual end time?

Yikes! Kamenin speaks fluent German, English and particle physics.

We are GOING TO die in pain. However I don't care. So lets suicide with dose of sleeping gas. this won't give pain. Ok bye forever.


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