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I've heard the sound emitted from the Phalanx system described as similar to what one might expect should almighty god choose to lower his zipper....I leave the rest to your imagination!

Or, perhaps more interestingly, her zipper.


While I'm thinking about it congrats on another Cubs post season appearance. Maybe this is the year!

Um, Tom, what kind of Bible does your church use? In all the (English) versions I've ever seen, God is referred to in the masculine, not to mention all those parts of the Bible where Jesus refers to His Father.

Too bad the Navy didn't do the right thing with the pirates and send them into Davy Jones' loving arms.

So let me get this straight, Squid: just now, at this very moment, years after you started reading this blog, you're discovering that I'm not a Biblical literalist?

I never thought otherwise, Tom. However, you are quite the liberal, so I guess it should be unsurprising that you are unable to perceive the enormous difference in imagery, implication, and overtones between "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" and "Mother [sic], Daughter [really sic], and Holy Nanny."

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