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I actually read that piece in the NE. The whole adultery thing was a throw away paragraph deep in the piece with no collaboration and only using gossip that even NE admits comes from her enemies.

Less actual reporting, and more using the current subject matter to sell copies.

No, I don't want them following that.

Which is not the same thing as the Edwards piece, which was highly researched, and which everybody in the MSM knew was highly likely, but didn't want to report on, even though he was still not only in the race for president, but was affecting the races of the other candidates as well.

Nuance, and all that.

But think about this.

If Edwards is out, maybe Obama racks up enough votes to knock Clinton out earlier and avoids that prolonged primary. Or Clinton get his voters and Clinton is the nominee.

In which we ask Tom to contemplate on the term "Dumbass Post".

Tom, I don't recall any such phenomena where the main conservative beef was as you describe. In fact, I never thought Edwards' private life was anyone's business since he dropped out of the race. As for my right minded brethren, someone may have mentioned this, but I do not recall it ever being the main conservative beef.

Even if things were as you purport, is it true that you cannot see the difference? The whole Palin affair rumor, as all other sordid rumors that your buddy Sully has been promoting, has been found to be false or at the very least, completely without evidence. So, do I wish that the mainstream media promote false stories about my candidate? Of course not. Do I want false stories to leak out on other candidates? Obviously not.

Of course it would be nice if, instead of spreading a false Palin story, you either found new evidence to prove it was true or just ignored it and tried to bring some sanity to your side of the political fence.

Months worth of so-called journalism vs. hours of so-called journalism. I reckon even a writer can see the difference. Even a writer pre-disposed to the infallibility of so-called journalism.

I encourage the media to try to find evidence and do their so-called jobs...it's something they didn't bother with when it concerns John Edwards. But sure, go barking down that path, Mr. Murrow.

PS Concept of krama or concept of karma?

PPS You might at least acknowledge that here, on FA, we're not outraged, Tom. I've yet to see the faintest hint of outrage. For someone with such a love of detail, you paint with an amusingly broad brush.

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