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Yes, and that gosh-darned right-wing controlled media buried all the Republican-caused disturbances at the Democratic convention (of which there were none) while splashing the Democrat-caused disturbances at the Republican convention all over the headlines.

Bet you didn't even know that 10,000 anti-war protesters demonstrated and over 200 were arrested outside the Republican National Convention. Bet you didn't know that those upstanding citizens sent an 80-year-old delegate to the hospital.

Please, Tom, tell us more about the horribly right-slanting news media!

Funny thing is, Squidley, I've read blogs by liberals who claim the reason the networks haven't mentioned the protests is because of the right-wing bias. "They don't want you to see any signs of dissension"/"They don't want you to see the peaceful protesters being pepper-sprayed", etc.

I don't watch television so I have no idea what the slant's like - though as a reader of TIME and NEWSWEEK, I never finish an issue without reading blatantly biased articles in the Left's favor.

John Edwards

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