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I liked Obama better when I thought he was a layabout!

As you recently said to me Tom, Relax, take a deep breath.

The sad thing is, I'm sure actually you believe that the DNC has never told a single lie, misrepresented the facts or distorted the truth.

Not all lies are created equal.

Steve, please give us a hint which of the recent statements given by Democrats you would consider being in the same ballpark as this lie.

Why isn't the Obama campaign splashing our TVs with video of Obama's introduction of the McCain-Obama bill? Seeing is believing.

WTF is Obama doing with that equal-wage agenda? It's in just about every ad here in Virginia. When did that become his issue? It's a total non-starter.

"Not all lies are created equal."

I'm curious, What level of lying do you find acceptable? On what criteria do you accept dishonesty? Is it a sliding scale or a hard-fast rule? You also imply some sort of statute of limitations on lies. Please explain your criteria.


[cricket, cricket]

Thank you for correcting my error. I will not repeat it.

However, I stand by the last statement: Obama does excel at self-promotion. Two autobiographies without any particular achievement to warrant them has got to be some sort of a record!

By the way, Obama was in office for 143 days before declaring his intention to run for president. Who really authored those 150 bills?

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