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I do enjoy the way you think as I enjoy your blog, glad you're back home.

I'm a supporter of your Theory!

Welcome back!

...and where are the lesbians you've referred to above located? That was a very interesting tangent to your theory which deserves its own investigation. Count on me.

"...understanding why muggers do what they do and wishing you could do something about the personal trauma that obviously causes them to take other people's money."

Typical liberal claptrap.

There is a statistical correlation between intelligence and crime. The very dull, like the mentally retarded (or whatever the mot du jour is), are "protected" from committing crime by their low intelligence. Perhaps they lack the brains to put together a dastardly criminal scheme. Once we get above them, though, crime takes off. Those of low intelligence are most likely to engage in crime. However, as intelligence increases, crime rates fall, and the most intelligent are rarely, if ever, involved in crime.

And yes, that's with controlling for race, socio-economic background, etc., etc., etc.

They obviously included such "conservatives" as Sully. Take this wretched terror junkie out of the equation and you get a whole new distribution.


If there is a functional difference of perspective, I think it lies with whether people believe people have free will or not.

For Christian Protestants, they talk about it in terms of Arminianism versus Calvinism, generally, but the Pharisees and Sadduccees argued the point before them (though I forget who fought for which), and likely others before them. Ayn Rand labeled the terms "Romantic" and "Naturalist".

For Liberals/Naturalists/Whatever, the fact that a murderer had a bad childhood is considered The Root Cause, and even if we have to lock him up for his own good, the big issue is the societal problems that led to it.

Believers in evolution usually fall on this side, as their view ooften necessitates this point of view that people are ultimately miraculously complex input/output machines.

For Conservatives/Romantics/Whatever, the fact that he had a bad childhood is probably one of the reasons he HAD for doing what he did, but ultimately he still chose to do what he did. The ultimate blame does indeed go on the victim.

Take the subprime mortgage issue. Tom has posted several times about how the banks fed more alcohol to drunk alcoholics out of greediness; I tend to blame the irresponsible people who borrowed money they couldn't pay back, as well the government that encouraged the irresponsible practice of giving money to irresponsible people.

And I do indeed blame alcoholics for every drink, including the ones they take after they're too drunk to know any better.

I believe in Free Will, thus Choice, and the rest follows from that, as Free Will followed from God.

I've been mulling around several responses to this whole theory of everything, but I think Adam just did it for me.

I agree with him 100% on this one.

Excellent analysis, Adam. I'm on board, too.

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