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And I'll still take him over Obama.

Actually, I started at "I'll take him over Obama". And the only people I know who have that reaction to Sarah Palin are partisan Democrats. The hard right Republicans I know are all excited about her, leaving the vast majority of people going "eh". They don't really care one way or the other, other than she's from Alaska and she's hot. Okay the last part is from the guys, mostly.

And what does it say about the debased level of political "discourse" when voters will make a decision based on physical attractiveness and their reaction to it?

Time to restrict suffrage and shrink the electorate! Once upon a time, Americans understood that democracy was not, in and of itself, a desirable thing, because pure democracy is no more than mob rule, hence all the anti-democratic elements built into our government. Now, with W cheerleading the way, we think that democracy is the cure for everything, and is right for everyone, too.



where you been dude. Kennedy got elected cuz he wore makeup!

I'm not discounting the effect of how someone looks; I'm decrying the trend towards make looks the primary factor in deciding who to vote for.

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