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Love your thinking! Thanks for a great post. I particularly love the title, it brings up images of justice at last.

What kind of justice did you have in mind, Sylvia?

Just curious, because your brief comment can be interpreted many ways.

As far as I can tell, Obama's "wide" view is entirely leftist/socialist in nature, as one would expect from someone whose influences include Communists (Frank Marshall Davis, who was a sexual monster) and unrepentant terrorists (Bill "Weatherman" Ayers, who was involved in more than twenty bombings in the US, including the Pentagon. Not only has Ayers never repented or apologized, he has said he regrets he didn't do enough).

Furthermore, Obama represents that kind of liberalism best called punitive liberalism: he wants to punish those who are successful by increasing their taxes, not because he believes that this is a good economic policy, but because it's "fair." Given that the top 10% of income earners currently pay 71%--nearly three-quarters--of all taxes (incidentally, the highest payment level in 40 years), one has to wonder just how much more money extracted from the wealthiest would be "fair."

Sounds like class-struggle rhetoric to me. Now, where might someone pick that up--Karl Marx, perhaps?

Your thoughts on the financial bailouts?


I completely disagree with you here. I'll agree that we need to find the "gray area" that ensures we consider all sides of an argument, but to be candid, there is precious little evidence that O'Bama believes in such an approach, while McCain has actively worked across the aisle.

Allow me two data points. One McCain has voted with his party 90% of the time. Bad, huh? O'Bama has been far worse.

But we both know that these records are skewed for a variety of reasons so lets look deeper. McCain has gone against his party several times when he has thought it prudent. McCain Feingold is an excellent example. While we can argue the merits of the bill, and I choose not to at this point, it is an excellent example of the actions of a man who follow what he believes is the right course, AND who finds partners across the aisle who agree. Similarly the gang of 14 which preserved the fillibuster is another example. To be candid, there are several more.

Simply put, there is not one similar example of O'Bama doing the same. Not one.

By the way, as for the bail out, I can attest that this was, by far, the most amazing week that I have ever seen in my career. We can talk all we want about this being a new New Deal etc.... but I have to tell you, at noon on Thursday, we were all looking at the screen convinced that the end of the global financial system was imminent. Never seen anything like it, hope I never will again.

And yet, I have this sense that we are now only in the eye of the storm.

Oh, wow. Pursuit, you're sorta the man on the scene there, huh?

Was there really a palpable sense of dread? When I hear about this stuff, I realize it's awful, but maybe it's my having lived a life during which nothing truly catastrophic has occurred AND had practical consequences for me personally... I don't react to it.

Or maybe it's just that I don't know how to react to it, so I don't.

Anyway, the fact that it's so first-hand to you fascinates me. I'd be interested also in knowing what your opinion about it is (and I second hearing from Squidley).

I don't know enough about the current financial imbroglio to have an informed opinion, though I am flattered by the requests. However, I do have a basic position to work from, which is that while a certain amount of regulation is necessary to protect the unsuspecting from the unscrupulous, the real problem has been a massive rise in the ranks of the unscrupulous. This is a direct result of the leftist move to purge American schools of Western civilization.

A classical liberal education trained people in the foundations of Western civilization. It trained them to think. It trained them to deal with moral dilemmas, through grounding in the classics and in Christianity. Now all we have are four-year holding pens where young adults can, at their discretion, learn all about the effects of alcohol and other drugs; engage in random sex; be trained for a career; be indoctrinated in Marxism, leftism, Communism, socialism, or any other left-leaning ideology; and otherwise waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. In almost no instance is anyone learning about our culture and how it got to be great. More importantly, almost no one is learning to care about our culture, to work at preserving it, to work at making it greater.

If we had a more moral financial workforce, many of the recent crises would never have arisen in the first place. Since the only "morality" that liberalism (our ruling zeitgeist) has is "if it feels good, do it!" tempered with anti-discriminationism and other PC nonsense, we have our current mess, which was, as far as I understand it, largely precipitated by the nearly-unrestrained pursuit of profit without consideration for the harm being inflicted along the way.

(Which should not be misconstrued as any sort of anti-capitalist statement.)

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