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I no longer cared whether the host pulled my wife over the bar and took her there on the winery floor. Actually, it might have been kind of fun to watch, so long as he reached up once in a while to pour me another taste.

As a patron of this blog for a few years now I can say that in my estimation you seem to be chap of above average taste....for a Kentuckian! Given this I am now compelled to say I will get in the car today drive up to Napa/Calistoga (which is only about an hour away) buy a case of this Fume Blanc (which actually was my preferred starter wine a way back) if this offer is extended to the Functional Ambivalent audience at large.

Fish, that is without doubt the most daring reply post I have yet read on this site - and only just passable since Tom himself introduced the subject.

Congratulations, Sir. :)

Thank you Adam! I exist only to serve.

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