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Let the clothes thing go. I think the expenditures could have been accurately lumped under one heading: "Lipstick." The GOP's war chest is for getting their candidates elected. Lots of money is spent on advertising. This money was spent on packaging. Can we focus on important things? She knows "more about energy than anyone in America." How about a press conference on energy policy. She believes dinosaurs and humans existed in the same epochs. She has no foreign policy experience. Education? Her son has stopped at a high school diploma, her high school age daughter is pregnant and planning on marrying a high school dropout. The new clothes we should be worried about are her utter lack of qualifications. William Harrison was only 68 when he took office and died after serving only 32 days in office.

Those evil republicans, how dare they put a middle class woman on the ticket. If she had Obama or Clinton money I guess she could have paid for the clothes needed for life on the presidential campaign trail herself. So, should only truly rich people be allowed to run?

This "issue" is ridiculous.

You should pick up on Sully's gutter snipe, obstetrician pursuits as well. You guys would make a real nice start to the Icky Girl Hating Club.

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