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First, the fixation with wine. Now, you are taken into custody. Grasshopper, your journey to becoming me is almost complete.

My mom's family is eastern Oldham folks, Westport to be exact.

Funny thing though that you kind of mention. With the rapid migration of people from Jefferson moving into Oldham, a good number of the family is moving further east, into Henry and Trimble county. The land is cheaper, and the feel less suburban.

The story is hilarious, mostly because I lived through pretty much the same thing three years ago. Except all I had to do was show up and pay a $125 without being taken into custody.

However, I do notice that you really can't write about much of anything without either taking pot shots at Republicans, or pointing out how every white person in America except you is racist. I like the way you blame everyone else moving to Oldham county on escaping all the blacks in the schools, whereas you moved there because it was cheaper and the police respond faster.

So my question is, are you trying to cover your own racism, or do you just find it impossible to believe that other people might behave as they do because of motives that don't involve being afraid of mixing with the brown people?

I didn't move to Oldham County. I live in Jefferson County. My children attend public schools here, on the few days every year when school is actually in session.

My place of employment is located in Oldham County because Jefferson County has a small employment tax that Oldham does not. I work with rabidly anti-tax Republicans, so in order to save a few hundred dollars a year in taxes I spend a few thousand dollars a year in gas and automobile depreciation driving way the fuck out there every day.

I had no voice in the decision where to locate the company.

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