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Our shelf price on the Promis is and has been $44 and since I would always give you our 10% discount $39.60. You really should check with me first before you impulse buy. I realize you aren't buying any of the ones you just mentioned but I'm guessing I could have saved you some money over the past couple of years. Many of the people who are "offering" you a wine are doing so because they are making high margin on that particular wine. If a prospective mark can resist clicking through the "buy it now" link and ask around they can usually find the wine for less.

The point of this is not that I could get the wine cheaper from a friend in the wine business -- though I greatly appreciate that. The point is that the market for what most people would think of as high-priced, self-indulgent wines is, apparently, collapsing.

Wasn't 2003 a bad year for Bordeaux due to the extreme heat? This may account for the discounting of that particular vintage.

By the way, are your wines on line Wally?

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