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Great post and I couldn't agree more. I find it hard to believe that anyone with an even remotely functioning brain would still believe that McCain and the Republicans can heal and unite this country. I've still got everything crossed -- hard to walk that way, but I just want to see this country back on track with a leader we can have faith in.

Beware the savior!

That said, Bob Dole V2.0 was a bad idea! You'd have thought that the Republicans.....err Whigs...would have learned that already.

Speaking from Pennsylvania: there are two sets of voters who are willing to cross party lines in elections, moderate Republicans in the Philadelphia suburbs and conservative Democrats in western PA. I don't fault the GOP for thinking there were Hillary supporters in western PA who would be able to be won over to McCain and (without any numbers) I think they were mildly successful. The reason Obama is ahead is the GOP lost moderate Republicans in the eastern part of the state. And if the GOP can't find a way to bring itself back to the center, those votes will stay lost to them for a long time.

"a leader we can have faith in"

Faith is usually termed a belief in things unseen. I don't want to have faith in my candidate, I want to see evidence of his sagacity. I haven't been blind to Obama's political machinations. I watched in jaw-dropped shock as he reversed his stance on the FISA bill and other issues. What I have seen in him though, is an intelligent, thoughtful candidate who picks his battles. The campaign organization he runs is brutally successful at 1)getting the message out 2)Getting people registered and to the polls to vote 3)Raising money to do the aforementioned.
He is articulate and calm when he speaks, whether to the press, the people or his opponents.
His first decision as nominee was to choose a running mate whose acknowledged area of expertise dovetailed with his perceived weakness.
Contrast McCain's running of his campaign, his demeanor and his choice of running mate.
After doing that, the election really comes down to two issues. Taxes and abortion. Neither candidate will allow a military invasion of the US. Neither candidate has a sure fix for the economy. The Iraq war, whether right or wrong is being fought. It will be forced to end by the will of the American and Iraqi peoples and the realities of our ability to practice diplomacy from a position of military strength and the precarious state of our economy.
So, abortion, the killing of a viable (live) fetus becomes a crucial issue. The Democrats abhor it in practice but wish it to remain a safe, legal procedure available to all who have made the heart-wrenching decision to abort their child for reasons no one outside that person's own skull will ever truly understand. The Republican's argue for the sanctity of life. A perfect argument. But in this imperfect world the wealthy will still send their daughters to "boarding school" and the poor will risk bleeding to death from a botched d & c. This is a question of social equality vs absolute ethics and I completely understand the advocate of the unborn child voting for those who would outlaw abortion though they would execute a murderer or start an immoral war. The absolute ethical rightness is clearly on the side of an unborn child.
The taxes part of the argument fails completely, though. Higher taxes have never been a disincentive to making more money (which the trickle-down folks call growing the economy) If this were a world of billionaire bricklayers it might be the case. Lay a ton of bricks and make $500 but lay two tons and only make $545? No thanks, I'll take the afternoon off and go to Wrigley after the first ton. But in this world, money sits in investment accounts, making money, no sweat of the brow required. The Porsche is already next to the Benz in the garage at the summer place in Aspen so there are no durables that these investors would rather purchase with currently invested funds. The tax rates on labor and capital deserve to be weighted in favor of labor paying a lower percentage while capital gains taxes grow progressively higher for the simple reason that laborers can only work so many hours while money invested in a growing economy can accrue ad infinitum. Tax reductions for losses should, in fairness, also accrue at those high rates. Yes, we all want to keep more of the money we "earn" but while managing a business and laying bricks are both "earning" money, since you can only be doing them a finite number of hours, the value of your investment holdings increasing through no effort of yours is not quite earning in the same way. It smacks of socialism, I know, deciding how much of whose money gets taken by the government for the common good, but so does taking a bricklayer's or CEO's tax dollar and giving it to AIG.

Ya gotta love it. After 8 years of complaining, name calling and attacking the president at every turn, now suddenly democrats claim to want "unity".

Good luck with that.

"Obama has the opportunity to become a new Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, pulling the nation forward in optimism, inviting the whole world to come along."

Ask me again why I refer to him as the Obamessiah? Puhlease.

I know why you refer to him as Obamessiah: you scorn him and those who support him.

The "Obamessiah" tag is not warranted, in this case, because all I did was describe an opportunity, not express unshakable faith that that opportunity would be seized. In fact, being a registered Democrat with lots of experience in Democratic politics, I'm reasonably confident that the Democrats will squander that opportunity.

To be clear Tom, I do not scorn those who support Obama. I only scorn those who don't bother to vote at all. I may not agree with your choice but I certainly don't scorn you for it.

I just felt that your statement regarding Obama "pulling the nation forward in optimism, inviting the whole world to come along" was a bit over the top for a man who has yet to win the election.

I only scorn those who don't bother to vote at all.

Then I wear your scorn as a badge of honor!

You really going to sit this one out, Fish? No lesser of two weevils choice?

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