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Although I've seen no evidence to this point I wonder if "The Big O" has a hidden flair for the dramatic. Hence my vote for him dumping Biden and pouring the blood of a virgin onto the ashes that were Hillary in an obscene parody of resurrection.

This too would be in keeping with "Fishes Theory of Presidential Descent". Remember from an earlier lecture; The tenure of George Herbert Walker Bush, the mediocrities mediocrity led us to the reign of William the First of Arkansas. Alas William, though charming and blessed with a decent economy was flawed and left a bad taste in the mouths of the voters so that they hungered for a humble man of high moral standards. Enter George the 2nd. We as a country were privileged to watch our new leader live up to his high christian standards by actually settling the question of Creation vs. Evolution. In short, George validated creationism by proving that the opposite was actively occurring before our eyes...a sitting president was actually devolving into a lower primate. As an aside it reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was forced to consult an Jackie Childs after taking up smoking. During negotiations with attorneys for the tobacco companies Jackie was able to force the settlement with the following statement; "He's only been smoking for three days...by the time this thing gets to trial he'll be nothin but a shrunken head...After a feeble response by opposing counsel Jackie replies, "The man's a goblin"!

At the presidents current delta he should be wearing diapers and flinging poo in 2009 at the inagural. But I digress. George version 2.0 could only, under fishs theory lead to a second Clinton presidency. Of course this would naturally culminate following 8 years of Hillary with the coronation of the father of lies (Bills cousin actually) Satan.

So in closing, in order to square the circle and eventually usher in this new Satanic Era, Biden will...nay Biden must withdraw and elevate Hillary to the ticket.

After the bailout do you think there will be money for a presidential food taster?

Actually Tom, I think the big screw up they're going to make (big enough to blow it I don't know) is that, to borrow a football term, they're going to play a prevent defense. And a prevent defense, as any old washed up football coach now doing commentary will tell you, only prevents you from winning.

I got that after I read this. If they're already talking publicly about blow out and patting each other on the back, then they'd damn well better make sure it is an actual blowout.

Ten months ago, it was the Hillary campaign that thought itself inevitable.

"Nominate the black guy"?

Um, haven't they already?

Congratulations, Adam. You've located the joke.

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