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This broad is grossing me out! I'm terrified just thinking of what is happening to this country.

What scares me is how quickly people turn on anyone who is successful who isn't a Democrat. I bet you love Hillary Clinton, though, don't you Sylvia. Can you explain to me how Hillary is so much more qualified for anything? Her major accomplishments in life revolve around her shoddy performance as an attorney, making excuses for her pervert of a husband, and riding his coattails into a senate seat from a state where she didn't even live.

Now compare that to Sarah Palin, who has ran for and been elected to several offices of increasing responsibility, has one of the highest approval ratings of any governor around, and has an actual record of accomplishing things. You going to show me Hillary's record now? Let's start with her record of health care reform. That worked out well for her, didn't it? How about her record in Travel-gate? Or the Rose law firm billing records? Or how about the fact that she was the first first lady to come under criminal investigation?

And if you'll notice, I'm not attacking her personally, I'm pointing to her record. Now contrast that to how most of the left is reacting to Palin and you'll see why I stay so frustrated with the left.

So far their big accusations revolve around:
1. She's not really Trig's mother
2. She had an affair (that no one can attest to except for a single political foe. Imagine that)
3. That she can't possibly have the time to be an effective vice-president and mother. Funny, I never heard anyone question Hillary about that.
4. That she's just the hick governor of a small (population) state, but again, I never heard the left complain about that with Clinton. Or Carter.

Are you people really so blind that you don't see the incredible double standard applied to women and minorities who are Republican? I can't tell you how many minorities I've seen interviewed over the last year who have said they are going to vote for Obama simply because he is black and they want to see a black man in the White House. Republicans and Democrats. Now contrast that to how the left reacts to Sarah Palin. If she was a liberal who had aborted her Down's Syndrome baby, she would the poster child for NOW. But because she dares to believe in limited government and the sanctity of life, she is being vilified.

The thing is, Frank, you're barking up the wrong tree on the Hillary thing. However mean people have been to Sarah Palin, it's nothing compared to what Hillary Clinton was subject to.

There may be no figure in contemporary American politics as vilified as Hillary Clinton. I was working a lot in Washington when the Clintons came to town, and the things Republicans were saying about them were amazing. A two star general standing in the lobby of the Pentagon told me she was a lesbian given to fits of rage that included breaking valuable White House antiques. According to various mainstream Republicans, she was a murderer, perjurer, swindler, and taker of bribes. The imaginary offenses of the Clintons continued right up to the day they left the White House, with tales of vandalism and destruction that the General Accounting Office investigated and said were not true. (I bet you still believe though, don't you Frank?)

You state that Hillary was the first First Lady to come under criminal investigation. That likely says as much about the Republicans who were pursuing her as it does about her. You will note that, despite $40 million spent investigating the Clintons, not much really appears to have been found. That says to me that the investigators were wrong, not that Hillary is morally suspect. The investigators, you will remember, were dispatched at the behest of Republicans in Congress.

You're right that it was offensive when someone suggested Palin couldn't be both a candidate and an effective mom. If you were paying attention rather than looking for one more reason to hate liberals, you would note that some of the loudest voices coming to her defense, on that particular account, were liberal Democrats.

You will note as well that the accusations of an affair have been made primarily by the National Enquirer, not by the so-called liberal media, while the accusations against Hillary Clinton -- including accusations that she had an affair with Vince Foster and had played a part in his murder -- were made by Republicans in, among other places, the halls of Congress.

Rumors of the birth of Trig have never gone much of anywhere. I'll bet you right now if you did a Nexus/Lexus count of references to the rumors, there would be fewer references to the rumor in the mainstream and liberal media than there are in the conservative media, since the only people I ever hear talking about (aside from Andrew Sullivan) are outraged conservatives like yourself repeating the slander to prove that liberals are vile.

As for her being a hick from a small state, it's worth noting that Alaska has a substantially lower population (680,000) than either Arkansas (2.8 million) or Georgia (9.5 million). I'm not sure what planet it is that you live on, but down here on Earth it was impossible to miss the derision heaped upon both Carter and Clinton for hicks from small states.

Finally, you say this: " If she was a liberal who had aborted her Down's Syndrome baby, she would the poster child for NOW."

That is, seriously, one of the most offensive things I've ever seen in a comment on this blog. Name for me one person who has expressed anything but admiration for her choice to carry Trig to term and love and care for him. Find just one who is anything but a soap-box crackpot. I hang with Democrats and read about 50 Democrat blogs and a half dozen liberal magazines and I haven't seen even one single criticism of that choice. Find just one, Frank. Enlighten me.

Your hatred of Democrats and liberals is turning you into a nut. You can't see the world as it is. Maybe after the election you'll sober up, but right now you're making almost no sense at all.

"Your hatred of Democrats and liberals is turning you into a nut. You can't see the world as it is. Maybe after the election you'll sober up, but right now you're making almost no sense at all.

Change democrats and liberals to Republicans and conservatives and this is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Please don't use the "Republicans are worse defense". We do not need to look beyond Sarah Palin herself for arguments for reasons she is utterly unqualified to be Vice President. Frank respects Gov. Palin for her life-affirming values. Though I disagree, I can respect that. That he and others are willing to overlook her displaying her ignorance proudly, like a babge of honor is the amazing thing. I refuse to believe that there is not an articulate, intelligent theocon on the Republican bench. Palin's choice is an insult to intelligent conservatives and liberals alike. We know she would make the right choice if faced with an unlooked for pregnancy but anyone who would feel secure if she is faced with the question of what to do if Pakistan nukes a city in India is deluding themselves. I do not care for John McCain, but I think that his decision would be the result of a rational process. His choice of a running mate was not.

The argument I was making is not that Republicans are worse, though they are. The argument I was making is that Sarah Palin has not be uniquely set-upon by lefties and the media. I believe, in fact, that she has been treated with uncommon deference. I invited Frank to prove otherwise, and any proof needs to be compared not against some theoretical standard, but against the behavior of politicians and the media in the real world. Hillary Clinton is, I think, a valid comparison.

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