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The clothes thing is a bust. The price of shoes or haircuts is the kind of Rovian bullshit that we should eschew. If you want to take someone from Wasilla and give them some cred on issues germane to being one heartbeat away from The Button you certainly need to give them the appropriate wardrobe. Though given the recurring Joe Sixpack, Plumber, Builder meme going, she would have inspired her base even more in pink Carharts.

The family travel on state budget is one more example of "the Rostenkowski Trap" although again it is amazing how quickly Gov. Palin took to the oily waters of political entitlement. If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck is it still a maverick?
Please spare me any comments on how Obama doesn't really represent change. He convinced me of that himself when he voted for telcom immunity in FISA.

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