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A psychotherapist finds that someone needs psychotherapy. Surprise, surprise.

This line was left out of Tom's post " it is important to bear in mind that any professional who would render a definitive diagnosis on an individual he has not interviewed or tested is prostituting his credentials"

The author then goes on to do so.

The US military does not put former POWs into command positions. The military realizes that former POWs are, to put it bluntly, damaged goods. Not unusable, but no longer top-of-the line.

As the bumper sticker has it: We're Screwed '08!

Actually Squid, Joe Mobley whose POW experiences were almost identical to McCain's rose to the rank of Vice Admiral. He was captain of the carrier Saratoga and commanded the Atlantic Naval Fighter Fleet. I have to say that meeting and talking to Adm. Mobley nearly a decade ago forever changed my views about the Top Brass. I've never met anyone who gives a person as much respect as Adm. Mobley gives a new acquaintance. He assumes that everyone conducts themselves with honesty and integrity. Consequently, disagreeing with him doesn't change his view of a person's character. I would seek to emulate Adm. Mobley in almost every way besides his support of John Mcain.

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