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Love the irony dude. Just above the post where you pronounce Limbaugh the hackiest, you then go on and out do him. Well done!

With all that is going on in the world today, The Newspaper of Record deems a story about how much the Republican Party spent on Palin's wardrobe, where, by the Times own admission, she wasn't even involved in the shopping trip as being page one worthy. That's not even the beauty part!

The beauty part is that they had to do this because her own wardrobe's "Alaskan flair" was quite up to snuff for a vice presidential candidate. Furthermore, after the campaign, she is donating the clothing to charity.

The scandal! The hypocrisy!

Look, we know the reason this article made news at the Times. Raw jealousy. Have you ever seen Gail Collins? Gawd what a frump. And how about that Tootsy that went to jail for Dicky Armitage? One wonders who taught these gals how to dress.

Palin smokes these women and Hill and Michelle. You may have the election, but we have the babes, bro

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