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Gov. Palin acquitted herself well last night. Joe Biden won the debate but Sarah Palin did not have any of the bizarre, rambling moments that TV news people seem to bring out in her. If we are viewing the Vice Presidency as equivalent to being the assistant manager at a Safeway Store, she passed the interview. Last week I wouldn't have hired her as a bagger.

Wally, as a a former employee of said business, thanks for putting this in terms I can understand.

Palin did competently, with occasional wince-worthy moments ("There you go again, doggone it say it ain't so" or whatever). I thought ASKING if she could call him "Joe" was a great idea. I thought she did better than John McCain himself.

But that's about all that I'd give her. I can't help but feel in both debates so far, the Democrat ticket has really performed admirably. I wish I could switch the candidates and their parties.

Right after she was picked for VP candidate, David Frum said the significance was that she becomes the leader of the GOP. I don't agree with that as Dan Quayle didn't become GOP frontrunner when Clinton won. Palin lacks a team of DC GOP operatives who will keep her name going and treat her as a leader. It's more likely that she'll return to Alaska and the search for a new party leader will start.

So Palin goes back to Alaska where she will face an ethics probe without the benefit of McCain campaign lawyers and no national stage to claim as a distraction. And she threw her party leadership under the bus to give herself credentials as a reformer. Unless she wants to be Wasilla mayor again, I think her political career will be over at the next gov. election.

Tom W, I tend to disagree. I think she will go back to Alaska, assuming McCain doesn't pull this out, as a returning hero. The whole ethics thing is a trumped up charge that would have gone away had she not been elevated to the national campaign.

That said, she will not be the head of the party. She very well may be in contention for the nomination in four years if she wants it and we better hope that is the case, especially if O'Bama screws up as he is likely to do, because without Palin, the awful Huckabee will be the number one contender.

Pursuit, Stevens won the GOP primary while indicted for corruption and that tells me the Alaska GOP is still with him. Palin flat out sold him out with her bridge to nowhere comments after he threatened to keep the budget from coming to a vote without it. He and his supporters have more power than her and her supporters. Maybe a national profile and a Stevens conviction will help her. If not, she's lost her party.

The ethics charge probably was of no consequence. But when outside lawyers come in to quash a local bipartisan investigation, it's tough to get that genie back into the bottle. If she becomes dominant in the state, maybe it all goes away. If the Stevens wing stays dominant, it's something they can use for payback.

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