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Government, as it's been conceived for nearly 100 years, feels like it's about to be over, too.

From your lips to gods ear! Lets just hope we don't go down the road to Weimar on our way to whats next.

As an aside.....where the hell are the "old" regulars (Squid, Syd, Wally etc.) lately?

I should pay closer attention....Wally checks in later.

Every generation lives in the delusion that it will be special. It's best to put that aside as soon as possible because it clouds the vision of the rational mind.

James stole my thunder, as that was exactly what I was going to say. Yes, there is massive change coming, but not any more massive than the first horseless carriage, or the Wright Brothers, or movable type or electricity. Every generation comes up with something that changes the world as we know it, and every generation thinks their changes are going to be the best ever. The only difference now is that change comes much more rapidly.

As for "where's Squid?" His head exploded at the exact instant Fox called the election for Obama. It was in all the papers.

Ah.....Fox.....thats why I missed it! Beck, O'Reilly and Hannity make me itch.

Newspapers.....I thought they were all out of business?

"And government -- poor, pathetic, helpless government"

Excuse me? You seen any airliners running into one another lately? You hear about millions not getting their social security payment every month? Not happy at the national parks you've been visiting? Got a problem with the interstate highways? Don't like the cancer research at the National Institutes of Health?

Quit confusing government with elected officials and presidential appointees. Most of the thousands of government personnel I met and worked with over 30 years were as competent or more competent -- and certainly more dedicated -- than the work population at large.

Are government programs perfect? Of course, not. Some of them are as worthless as General Motors automobiles. Are they all efficient as the might be, no; but some are more efficient (Social Security for one) than any similar privately run program.

What an ill-informed knee-jerk statement.

The obvious cannot be overstated.

I agree that words get overused, that's why it's essential to stick to the essentially obvious.

You seen any airliners running into one another lately?

No but if you knew how close they were getting before fuel prices and financial troubles in general put a crimp in casual air travel you would have given serious thought to that issue. Thee FAA has been trying to upgrade the air traffic control system for 30 years...they aren't making much progress...and they are wasting a ton of money in the process.

You hear about millions not getting their social security payment every month?

Nope the check printing machinery is still humming along but since they skew the official inflation and CPI numbers those millions are getting less than which they are "entitled"! Alan Greenspan, until recently the man in charge of whittling on the dollar, gave congressional testimony stating this notion fairly explicitly...a wonder given the tortured language for which he is famous. Big Al said; " I can absolutely guarantee that SS benefit checks would be paid in the amounts promised....what I can't guarantee is what those funds will be able to purchase". Al is in the inflation business! He knows that your future benefits won't purchase much.

Got a problem with the interstate highways?

??? Have you been on an interstate highway recently? Make sure your teeth are in good shape! While you're lauding the fabulousness that is todays federal government make sure you are throwing your praise in the proper direction...the past!

Cancer research....NIH? Please! At least pick the proper area of government to praise. Most cancer research that isn't rehash of old cancer research is done at the University level. You are right though, government once it thinks it has found something out, I mean something that it takes credit for and then pushes on to the public at large. Well, that government would never cut the funding for or suppress research that contradicted earlier findings. Nahh, that never would happen. I have to extrapolate here because I've never worked for NIH but I've witnessed it in other areas.

And before you accuse me of rehashing old Limbaugh talking points (a complete charlatan in my view) I work with the same type of "competent, dedicated public servant" that you applaud! They implement the policies put in place by elected officials and presidential appointees!

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