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Because after all, doing what is right for the party is MUCH more important than doing what is right for the country.

I know you don't really believe that Tom.

I also didn't say that, Steve. I said that party disloyalty should mean the sacrifice of party position. Chairmanships of committees are the way the party exerts its majority status. He has demonstrated himself untrustworthy and should pay a price.

One can well imagine what, for example, Mitch McConnell would do to a Republican senator who campaigned for a Democrat, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and campaigned not just for the Democratic Presidential candidate but also for Democratic Senate candidates. When returning to the Republican fold, it is unlikely that he or she would be welcomed so warmly as Lieberman has.

And McConnell would be right. This is a party, not a national, function.

I have mixed feelings on Lieberman and the appropriate response to his duplicity.

I've never been impressed with Harry Reid. He's forever putting his foot in his mouth. Leadership is something the democrats seem incapable of. And they are TOTALLY lacking a spine.

Republicans don't seem to want to actually force Dems to filibuster, either. Whatever happened to that?

I don't know about you, but I'm comforted by the thought that these pussies are in charge of national security

Tom, I don't think your problem is with Reid, or at least not Reid alone, but with the 42 Senate Dems who voted to keep him on.

Only 12 voted for expulsion during their secret vote on the issue.

Of course, if they had used a card check system instead, we would now know which Dem Senators voted which way. (Couldn't resist.)

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