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Tom, in the article you linked to, Barone goes on to say that he made it up and he went too far.

"Barone did not dispute the accounts of his remarks. Asked about the comments, Barone said in an e-mail that he "was attempting to be humorous and, as many in public do, went over the line." "

His premise however is accurate IMO:

Sorry for that," Barone said. "I was trying to focus on press hostility to Palin. I agree with [Washington Post media reporter and CNN 'Reliable Sources' host] Howard Kurtz that the press was much more interested in tracking down negative information on Palin than Obama."

So, having read the article, I am unclear what you are looking for in this post.

I am an early and enthusiastic Obama supporter. Conversely, I think the kindest thing anyone could say about Obama's sweetheart real estate deal with Rezko is that it was ill-considered. I believe that Bill Ayers should have served some jail time for what he did.
I also know that America is filled with journalists looking for their big break: Newspaper reporters, third tier TV talking heads, wild-eyed bloggers from NYC to LA. But every one of them declined the Pulitzer-winning opportunity to deliver "The Dirt" on Barack because of their liberal bias. Every. Last. One of them. This is the narrative you wish us to believe?
The well-funded armies of oppo-researchers working for the Clintons and the RNC spent 2+ years digging through Obama's trash. Each one of them withheld the critical, game-changing report of Obama's fatal flaw because they did not want to appear rascist. Every. Last. One of them. This is the narrative you wish us to believe?
There is no there, there as Stein famously said about Oakland. Obama is no saint but I think there was a lack of negative press for the same reason we don't see much negative commentary about Mother Theresa. Everything about Obama is overwhelmingly positive unless you consider "liberal' a four letter word. In which case you can't count and you apparently do "need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowin'".

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