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Sure, they can make a personal nuclear reactor but but where's the jet-pack they promised me when I was seven years old? Not surprisingly, I'm skeptical about technological innovations that don't actually exist yet. I really hope this comes to fruition, but right now it sounds like trolling for venture capital.

I want a hovercar.

I'm definitely in line for the flying car. But my own personal reactor is right up there as well.

I think Squid's head must have really exploded when the CryptoIslamoCommuTerrorist got elected. Or, his physician finally found a combination of meds that work. Either way, he's gone and I kinda miss the lil fella.

Wally, you want a jetpack? This is aparently going on sale next year:


This would make the most awesome commute into work EVER.

Heck yeah I want one in my back yard! I'd share the power with my entire neighborhood and vent off the heat to warm my house in the winter.

My commute is only 3 blocks, so the 46 second max flight time might work for me on my commute. I'm thinking you want to be careful where you are at second # 47.
33ft/sec² - it's not just a good idea. It's the law.

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