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You're right. I sure wish we ran things like they do in India.

I think this post and Pursuit's comment are proof that the internets work to bring people who deserve each other, together. Though currently, I am diminished by Squidley's absence, I'm sure there's someone else out there who is as big a jerk as I am and holds diametrically opposing views to mine. Someday my prints will come...

I'll try to pick up the slack Wally.

You jerk!

Work for you?

Squidley never insulted me directly, though I regret that I used the H word in sentences referring to him. Ok, maybe I don't regret it. His insultingness was more in the nature of his idea that any opinion he held, no matter how vile, is one that can and should be intellectually considered by all. I believe that tax policy, for instance, is something that rational people can disagree over and carry on an informed discussion/argument about. Sqiuid's comment that we should reconsider our societal rejection of miscegenation laws is NOT something I believe is open to rational discussion. Humans should not be prevented from marrying within the species.
I was once at a party in LA (FA may remember the visit) hosted and attended by libertarians. Much good discussion until I talked to the guy who felt the government had no business poking its nose into his sexual relations with his girlfriend and her 11 and 13 year old daughters because as a family they were all okay with it. I left before I assaulted him.
We liberals don't believe that "everything" is okay and we are more open to discussion on policy than is typically assumed. The right has its utopian vision as does the left. Those of us who aren't extremists try to find some accommodation that works, in the middle.

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