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Hey Tom,

As one of the dead men (currently still walking), I wish you the best of luck.

We may not agree on politics, but you are one of the good guys. I have very much enjoyed working with you the past few years and look forward to a long continued friendship.

My best to Mrs. A and we'll be in touch.

You are my favorite.

Your departure makes no sense to me whatsoever and then you won't be there to explain it all to me when I get back next week. However, I look forward to reading about your next adventure in your professional life.

Well loosing a job you love really does suck, so I hate to hear that the last one ran out. Being unemployed isn't fun. I know as I lost my job of 8 years last August. It took me all of September to get back to work with a new company and new tasks but it did work out well. So good luck with the hunt!

Sorry to hear about this. You seem sharp enough to eventually land on two feet.

Coincidently, I just resumed a job search myself recently. Luckily I have a current job that pays the mortgage while I search for greener pastures. (Good timing on my part I know.)

Best of luck, and hope your search is fruitful.

I'm not sure if this is up your alley but I really enjoyed the perspective this book gave me. http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0195138058/ref=sib_dp_pt#reader-link

It's about social entrepreneurship that focuses on what you care about and how to apply it in ways that make a difference through storytelling.

For me, I haven't applied it to my professional life (ie. paycheck) but to my personal life. A group of women and I are forming a group to help teenage mothers get jobs and education through mentoring.

Best of luck in the new year.


Just got back to you after some time being blocked by the corporate firewall. (No idea why.) And this is what I find.

Best of more than luck.

I think you clearly underestimate our interest in you, Tom.

All the best.

Good Luck!

Tom, this is not the first time you've re-invented yourself...best of luck & hugs - Heidi

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