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Terrorism is outrageous. What I find amusing is you comparing Chuck Colson to William Ayers, the unrepentant former terrorist who wishes he had done more.

William Ayers was tried and found guilty of his crimes but never served a day for them. Whereas the crime you are accusing Chuck Colson of is mainly espoused by John Dean. He was never charged with it, and if you investigated Colson a bit you will see he pled guilty to charges that he wasn't even charged with, at a time when speculation was that the judge was going to dismiss all charges against him. But he did so because he became a Christian and felt he needed to be honest in what he did.

You will then notice that his life was completely changed around when he became a Christian, where he spent 7 months in prison, and has spent most of his time since then running his non-profit prison ministry.

But yeah, they are virtually identical. You go with that.

The point is not that they're the same.

The point is the Colson got an award from the President, vs. Obama serving on a board with Aires, and corresponding outrage vs. lots of support. The math doesn't add up for me.

Here's a supporting case: Where's the conservative outrage about unrepentant terrorist Gordon Liddy? There is none, because terrorism from the right against the left is more easily forgiven than terrorism from the left directed at the right.

And because the right is altogether better at outrage than the left.

All terrorism should be damned.

Not arguing about the Colson/Ayers comparison. Ayers made bombs, Colson didn't. But confessing to things you didn't do is Christian? We need to review the New Testament. And that is leaving out the argument about trading your anti-social fascists beliefs in for the delusion that a supreme being guides your every moment. It is not a bad outcome for society but it can hardly be looked upon as an indication of a healthy psyche.

Actually, he confessed to the one thing that he did do, rather than fighting against things he didn't do.

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