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Well put sir.

When I next scrapbook I think I will include this post of yours.

I am happy being your "real" friend rather than your Facebook friend. You had better not be experimenting with POF.COM.

Ja Ja...

I know exactly what you mean. I have a myspace page and Facebook as well as my little "anonymous" blog. Only one person who really knows me in real life knows that I blog, and I really like keeping it that way. If my family knew I blogged, there would be massive eye rolling, as they all find it a complete waste of time.

I considered looking you up on Facebook, but it some ways it's nice keeping the two separate.

I have about 80 layers of online persona...

actually, that is untrue. I have a public blog which online and real life people alike know about and may read which is boring and about my life, and I have a LJ which is me whining about every little thing that ticks me off in an annonymous/chosen audience, and a facebook, which is people I know in real life that use facebook (but not my parents).

There used to be more layers, but then I graduated college, and thought it was a bit much to have so much going on to keep up with.

I'm not a real regular over here, but thought I'd chime in - I'm one of those folk who has managed to be completely open and transparent in my online presence. My domain is my real name, my Facebook profile is public (no limited profiles) and my Twitter is pretty obvious too (twitter.com/avelino).

Then again, I also work for the Sunlight Foundation.

It's not so much that I've felt I have nothing to hide, as much as I don't know what I could gain from anonymity. I know that people have different reasons for anonymous/pseudonymous blogging (fear or reprisal at work, etc.), but I appreciate your thoughts as I have a bit more understanding than before.

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