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Tom, you might want to print up some business cards promoting yourself as an expert in this field, since apparently the bar for declaring yourself one is pretty low.

And do some research on what sort of fees you could get for consulting on this? It could be a pretty good racket.

(Or "business opportunity" instead of "racket," if you must sound all professional and shit about it.)

I'm kind of thinking the same thing: set up a website, write a couple of white papers, get on a panel discussion or two. The problem is, I've looked around and I'm not sure anyone's making money at this. I see a lot of the kind of non-committal language that accompanied revenue-free dot-coms.

The other problem I foresee is that I've actually got qualifications. Technically, without ever realizing, I've done a lot of this stuff -- with a track record of actual, profitable success to show for it. I think that disqualifies me.

I think I may throw my hat in the ring for this one, too. If you know my real name and google me, I have a couple of dozen entries, including several social media sites, some articles I've written for trade mags, and my reviews on Amazon.com. Apparently I'm just not leveraging this correctly.

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