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Great. Now stadium security people will start searching fans for urns before they let them through the gate at the ballpark.


Wolper (no offense but if I just say Tom, mass confusion will ensue!) got to it first!

I imagine the tales told around the fireplace at Casa de Ambivalent a few years after your poor relative causes the game to be called in the fourth, the HAZMAT team and Homeland Security to be dispatched, and thousands of dollars in legal fees spent to extricate the poor chap from charges related to his "terrorist attack".

Actually though, I've been trying to figure a way to get it done for me and Mrs. Fish at Pac Bell/SBC/ATT Field! Now if I can just talk her into dying on my schedule.

Actually, there is a cabal that's planning on bumping FA off if the Cub's ever win the pennant. Then we have an excuse to pony up the cash for world series tickets and our wives can't complain too much.

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