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I hope you ordered a "nice vin de Pays Carignane" from the bar.

I did, and was rewarded with a Diet Coke, which was what I would have ordered anyway had I not been putting on airs.

when I was a teenager I had a friend who wanted a pair of those multi-colored bowling shoes. There was no way he was going to actually pay for a pair, so he went to the Salvation Army and bought a pair of old sneakers for like $5. We went bowling, he rented shoes, leaving the old ones as collateral, and when we were done he just walked out in the clown shoes. He wore them to school every day the next two years. Everyone wanted some after that.

Sounds like you had a great time. Phoey on those uptight folks that couldn't relax while your gang played.

Next holiday- try curling! You can wear your own sneakers and it's all done on the ice. Winning team buys the beer!

The Functionally Ambivalent house hold is in Kentucky. The last time they had something to curl on was when Little Eva escaped across the river on the ice floes.

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