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Ann Coulter?

The people you think speak for all of us always amazes me Tom.

Actually, Steve, I think the fact that Ann Coulter is as big a celebrity as she is in right-wing circles does kinda help Tom's case... She should be a pariah. Instead her books sell tons, which suggests she's not such a nutcase to choose that she doesn't have a large following among Republicans.

It's the same problem as Democrats allowing certain people to be anything other than pariahs in their own party. A Democrat can say, "Well, he/she doesn't speak for all of us," but really, that doesn't answer the question of why that person still has such standing.

That answer, I think, is more about the human condition than about the two big parties, though.

I see your point Adam, but does that mean that Michael Moore speaks for all Liberals, or Paris Hilton or the late Anna Nicole Smith for all women?

Celebrity is often a by product of controversy, not intelligence.

As you said, probably more about the human condition.

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