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Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton almost the same? Really? One is a spoiled brat gazillionaire and the other has worked her way up the ladder to the point where she was running as the VP on a major party ticket.

You really need to get over this hatred of all things that end in (R).

Frank, what I think Tom did is lazy comedy.

You know, somebody says something uncomplimentary about a person, and some joker wannabe replies, "Sounds like my mother-in-law."

Or when a black stand-up starts any sentence with "The thing about white people..."

Or almost any David Letterman opening monologue.

Same thing for a liberal: "blah blah blah Sarah Palin blah blah blah [something... anything... perceived to be objectionable]."

Couldn't be more right, Lee! Of course Sarah Palin has nothing in common with a dimwitted celebrity known primarily for her looks! Nothing in common at all!

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