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Would it be proper to say that I do not trust the survey that produced the results that you reference? The company behind this so called research is Forrester, a company which sells (generally) marketing research. Before I could trust this information, I would need to get over the hump of how this is self-serving to Forrester. (In the meantime I could help Forrester by spending $279 to buy the complete report.)

I am certainly distrustful of this type of blog and the information contained there-in. Was I a corporation that wanted to increase the confidence of those reading my corporate blog, and I trusted Forrester to aid me, maybe I would become one of their customers. In the mean time I will shy away from this company’s on-line blogs and other web pages. Self serving data such as what was published in this survey raises red flags on my trust-o-meter (sorry about the mixed up metaphors).

Thanks for bring this information to us skeptics.

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