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Whatever the outcome of Warren's speech, supression of speech is not a good thing. Not inviting someone who disagrees with your party platform to ask an imaginary superbeing to bless the proceedings, however, wouldn't be supression. If I remember right, Mr Warren has a well-attended mega-church as an outlet for his views. I think I may even have seen him on the teevee.

Ahmadinejad doesn't know how to separate his polemic speech from other public speech. Leaders of major countries tend to learn somewhere along the way to speak positively and inclusively in front of the general public and more aggressively in front of supporters. It's possible to compare the Falwell generation of evangelical leaders to Ahmadinejad in that way (completely ignoring the content, of course). I have no experience with Warren, but my impression of him and his generation of leaders is that they understand that speaking before the general public is not preaching to the flock. I expect Warren will give a good, positive, and inclusive speech and wait until he is in front of his own congregation to take his shots at Obama's policies.

Tom, you occasionally mention that you go to church. Well, what church - in fact, what Bible - is it that tells you the Church should not preach against homosexuality?

Because the very suggestion that Homosexuality is looked on as anything but wrong in all of Scriptural history is an example of ignorance at best and dishonesty at worst.

Why is it wrong for Obama have a preacher that is against gay marraige at his invocation when Obama himself says he doesn't support gay marriage?

As I understand Obama's position he supports civil unions that will guarantee spousal rights but takes a more biblical view of the word marriage.
The cognitive dissonance comes about by inviting Warren to deliver the invocation for the President who ran and won on the Democratic Party platform. The Party platform expressly promotes equal rights for gays and Warren believes that any act or expression of homosexuality (love the sinner, hate the sin)is an abomination.

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