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An entirely fair point against a vapid argument.

But I'm curious as to why recently the politics of fear and division have become "Nixonian politics" - and suspect that it's basically just a natural tying-in of something negative to the image that has fast become simply the Devil figure for American politics, used in dire comparisons only less than Hitler.

"The Time For Choosing" speech that launched Reagan's political career, for instance, hinges on the same division and pre-dates Nixon... well, at least his successful run.

Another attack on conservatives.

You gotta love the unity that Obama supporters claim to want.

Please show me the list of states who are clammoring to house these kind souls due to be released from Gitmo. Maybe they can take up residence in your neighborhood Tom.

"released from Gitmo"
I think that " transferred from Gitmo to a maximum security facility" would be more accurate.

Steve, I marvel that the only argument you seem to be able to make is that I'm a hypocrite. Perhaps, at some future date, you could engage in the issue at hand.

People generally don't want prisons of any kind in their neighborhoods, any more than they want Toyota dealerships. Prisons are big, intrusive industrial plants and need to be placed far from residential neighborhoods.

We have Supermax prisons that already hold terrorists inspired by everything from Islamic fervor to drug money. We have held them for decades without incident. We have never in the history of this country backed down from the enforcement of our laws because we were afraid of the reaction of criminals. That's what Republicans advocate. That's what you advocate.

I stand by my assertion about Republican cowardice.

Then please Tom, provide the list of states that are clammoring to house these inmates.

(I'll start you off, Murtha claims his district wants them...his constituents, not so much)

It's a simple request.

Do you also consider people such as Kansas Governor Sebelius (D) to be a coward since she has stated she doesn't want the inmates in Leavenworth? Or do you only call Republicans names?

Oh, and I stand by my assertion that you are a hypocrite.

And Tom, as usual when you assume you speak for me (or other Repuclicans) you are wrong. I don't advocate backing down from the enforcment of our laws at all. They are already being enforced... in Gitmo. I don't however advocate setting a timeline to close Gitmo as a feel good gesture before working out the details. However the Chosen One has made it quite clear that working out the details is not something he is interested in. And his minions continue to lap it up...

"People generally don't want prisons of any kind in their neighborhoods, any more than they want Toyota dealerships."

Not true. Quite often, if not always, when a prison is proposed rural towns compete for the right to host said institution. They bring good jobs and help the town build a tax base. Haven't heard anyone clamor for the Gitmo boys.

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