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Interesting. While I disagree with your views on Bush - right policies, poor leadership in my view - I find this post to be a revealing indictment of your views.

You title it inauguration day, and yet all you can seem to do is criticize Bush. This, predictably, speaks to the utter emptiness of the man you supported for President. No qualifications, no experience, and dubious home state associations. Hopefully, he'll surprise us with a terrific rookie year, but make no mistake, this is a leap of faith.

So on such an occasion, can you not speak of the future? I'm sure you don't intend the shallowness of your post to expose your lack of faith in O'Bama. I'm currently listening to Lester Holt list O'Bama's qualifications as, he connects with youth, listens to an IPod and uses a Blackberry. Not exactly the top qualifications that I'd look for, but at least he avoids bashing Bush.

I look forward to future posts of at least a Lester Holt quality. I know you can do it. Know hope baby!

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