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I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

That was painful. Was I supposed to know who any of those people are?

We were just one Paris Hilton away from a real tragedy....

Isn't it refreshing that now that the One is in office, they are finally free of the shackles of government and can finally be better parents and citizens.

The whole lot of them can kiss my hairy, white ass.

The "I pledge to consider myself an American, not an African-American" one stands out as a fairly bold statement in today's political climate.

Otherwise, though... OY...

You guys disgust me! I, for one, will not let this moment pass with making my pledge to help the world!

I pledge,

To make the plight of the Marachino workers my personal cause, and put 3 cherries in my Manhattan instead of just one, so that they may know a better life.

Here, here Pursuit.....finally an act that will have a tangible impact on the lives of the noble Maraschinista!

On a side note, who was that gaggle of ugly people? Where are the charming and attractive celebrities that I have grown to cherish?

Noblese oblige, Fish. Noblese oblige.

Did anyone make it through the entire video? I just couldn't.

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