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First of all, you think this stimulus is actually going to help?

The economy on its own will fix itself within the upcoming year better than that monstrosity being shoved through.

And yes, I would like for conservative districts to be immune from the effects of the potential trade war to be set off by the Buy American clause of the bill, but alas, that is an impossibility.

PS: Read your post above. Glad you and your family are okay.

Yes. As long as we are exempt from the bills too.

Steve beat me to it. Sadly, we'll have to pay the bill, so we might as well have a nice road to look at. It's charming how you refer to this bill as "stimulus". No more than 10% will be spent in 2009 which makes it approximately half of 2008's stimulus which worked out so well.

By the way, I'm sitting here in London watching a report on the wretched conditions in Kentucky. For the most part your fellow citizens are showing themselves well; Minimal complaining, no New Orleans style "where's the government" bleaters.

Again, I would like to direct your attention to " Calculated Risk", a website that offers raw data concerning the various financial sectors of the domestic and international economy. Our economy is not going to " fix itself within a year." The WSJ provides analysis from those who have skin in the game. Look at the raw data and draw your own conclusions.

I, for one, am all in favor of opt-out. I would be the first one in line to opt-out of Social Security and any number of other government programs, if they would, in turn, get the hell out of my life.

Yes, I would still pay my "fair share" of taxes, because I reap the benefit of roads, police protection, etc. But when it comes to entitlement and "stimulus" spending, I'll take my bat and ball and go home.

Did I miss the "opt-out" option when they started using my tax dollars to invade Iraq? Which box was I supposed to check?
Seriously though, are you against every aspect of the stimulus package? I think nearly everyone agrees that giving money to the people whose poor judgment brought about their financial troubles is a bad decision. This group includes poor and middle class families who bought too much house as well as CEOs whose companies bought pieces of the Big Shitpile. But in a recession or depression, government spending is indicated. Spending on infrastructure does provide needed economic stimulus and it is an investment in the future. Are all you "opt-outers" completely depression-proof? If things get really bad will you still have a job or be able to market your goods or services in a dead economy?

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