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I have mixed feelings about whether or not Jeb may be a good President. But even if he were the second coming of Reagan I doubt I would be very excited about his candidacy for the same reasons. It's about time we did away with these political dynasties in this country.

I was overjoyed that this was the first election since 1980 that the top two names on either ticket weren't either a Bush or a Clinton.

Note to the Bush family....run the one who approximates a homo sapien first. You can then follow with the proto-simian. That way you might be able to con the electorate into entertaining both.

Jeb has no chance at President. He'll probably run for Florida Senator in '10, but nationally, no chance.

Because not only is the country facing serious Bush fatigue, I think the country doesn't want to deal (fish unwittingly provides a good example) with all the tiresome Bush-bashing either.

Nope! fish wittingly provides a good example!

They did run the "good" Bush first. Former Cia director George H. W. Bush. I never liked the guy but I never once said he was stupid.

Not stupid I'll grant you but still a bad president so I dispute the "good" label. At best a place holder prior to resuming this nations continuing slide.

That said between the two "electable" offspring (I think Neil having the Silverado Savings and Loan incident stapled to him doesn't fall into the electable category) the Bushes would have been far better served by running Jeb.....or as I like to call him James Bakers illegitimate son before the soon to be ex resident of the white house.

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