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Those are the wrong metrics. We can't place the blame for the economy only on Bush's shoulders. The deregulation and greed that led to our current state of affairs was bipartisan Washington at it's "best." When it comes to helping lobbyists get what they want, both Democrats and Republicans become the $Green$ Party. Bush's failure was "The Bush Doctrine" and I guess I do mean his world view, Charlie.
The Iraq war in particular took away any illusion that we were a fair and just country. Under the Bush Administration other countries realized that we were just like the USSR in terms of foreign policy, only richer.The fact that the ridiculously-named Dept. of Homeland Security is not already a home grown version of the Stasi is a testament to the incompetence of Administration appointees.

Well, at least you've chosen an unbiased news source

Yes, I'm sure MSNBC just made the statistics up. Damned media bias.

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