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Okay, we can quible about semantics, but I think this part of the definition looks familiar.

"..that often plans and controls the economy"

You may not be arguing in favor of nationalizing these industries, but you are definitely in favor of the government planning and controlling the economy, at least in this case. Thus my label of Socialism. However, if you would like another term, how about totalitarian?

n.a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.

You know, the kind of government that decides how much we should drive, how much fuel we should use, and any number of other issues you deem necessary for the common good.

When they come for the wine drinkers, I look for your attitude to change.

The assumption being, apparently, that I don't drive, and would not be affected by an increase in gasoline taxes. What is it with you conservatives, always going straight to an accusation of hypocrisy?

As to your accusation of totalitarianism, you will note that I do not propose that government decide how much we drive, how much fuel we should use, or anything like that. I propose a tax increase that will create market incentives, and that we let the market decide what people should to. You can drive all you want, drive whatever kind of car you want; the taxes simply create an incentive for you to consider other possibilities, up to and including conservation. I might suggest that if you consider that totalitarian, there's not a political system in the world that isn't totalitarian, given speed limits and other infringements on your ability to do whatever you like.

You're killing me here, Frank. You're just killing me.

Oh you've got him Frank. You know, the government Tom loves so dearly has already decided he can't ship wine into his home state. Not so cool with that little regulation! But hey, if you've got to drive a Prius to soothe his tortured soul, well, buck up comrade, it's for the common good.

Well, the wine law, like, actually affects him, and stuff.

Now if Tom were a semi driver... or in a business like a plumber, Dish TV installer, or heater/air conditioner repairman, etc., that requires a truck and spent his days driving around town from job to job, he might feel a little different.

But hey, the small business sector of the economy can handle extra strains on it right now. They've got to... sacrifice, for the common good.

I mean, these folks in the government are the same ones who thought that ethanol subsidies were a good idea.

Who cares if no one foresaw the food riots in poor third world countries due to jacked up corn prices.

It was for the planet, dammit.

The law of unintended conequences certainly can't come into play for this idea either.

An aside: I think one can easily say that a particular government action is "totalitarian" without immediately having to place the whole government under the label.

Everything is, after all, relative; it is ridiculous to call the USA "racist" not because there isn't racism, but because in comparison to almost anywhere else in the history of the world it's color-blind.

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