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Wow. Just Wow.

Thank you. I sometimes get my information wrong. Commenters are usually quick to point out my errors. I learn something and move on. I am going to assume that Frank took the NYT at face value and now sees that was an error. And I'll do more research before I agree with him again.

"I know of no law or Executive order that is irreversible..."

Ya, well pretty much what I say goes, Bub. So there.

As for torture I'm constantly amazed at the spinelessness of you hand wringers. My goodness, if some motherf*cker is going to be plotting to fly planes into more skyscrapers, then tell O'Bama that I'll torture the crap outta the dude until I get the info I want.

And I won't feel bad about it for one second.

And, I'll get a parade down any street in any city in this country for my efforts. Hell, I'll probably get my own TV show too.

You got a problem with that Jack?

I would torture someone and insist on doing the jail time I had coming for such a despicable act in order to save innocent lives. It would sicken me to be treated like a hero for doing something we condemn in others (like Pol Pot, Mengele, et al). The problem, Mr. Pursuit of Fascism, is how do you know who knows the information you want? To live as an American means to be willing to die for our shared beliefs in this country. If we had been invaded like Iraq, I'm pretty sure you and I would both be underground, fighting the invaders any way we could, even at the risk of putting our families in danger. To me, being an American means that I would rather die for the belief I have in the ideals this country holds than see an innocent man, woman or child tortured in an attempt to save my life or my wife's life. This is the meaning of values. You don't give them up when it is incovenient to stick to them. That would be a "hobby" as Kos put it. I have not been in the position I describe but in my life I have had a loaded, cocked pistol at my temple and a knife held to my throat. I didn't beg for my life under the knife and I told the man with the pistol that I was prepared to die rather than agree with him so I think I would hold true to my beliefs in the crucible. What do you believe in Pursuit. Life at any cost? Or life as an American with all the rewards, responsibility and debt owed to those who have died protecting the Constitution and the freedom of others.

"If we had been invaded like Iraq, I'm pretty sure you and I would both be underground, fighting the invaders any way we could, even at the risk of putting our families in danger. "

If this were the case, then most likely you would have been part of the power elite that oppressed a nation and fed innocents who did things you didn't like to tigers. Somehow, despite our differences, I don't think that is you my friend.

We all have had our values tested in one way or another, and not all of us choose to describe in detail that moment of clarity. Make no mistake, nobody that I know has a corner on piety over another man, despite what their individual experience might be.

What do I believe? Its simple - perhaps too much so for those that think nuance exists between good and evil. I believe that when we take up arms against those who have attacked innocents without provocation we play to win. How we play is dictated by the behavior of those who have challenged us. If these foes choose to murder the sons, daughters and mothers and fathers who have done nothing more than go to work one fine morning, then I have no mercy for them or their fellow swine.

In this case I will do whatever is necessary to keep my fellow countrymen safe and I will show no mercy to those whose acts defiled the rules of civilized confrontation. I am appalled by your inability to see the difference between those who torture for sport, and the honorable deeds of those who work in defense of our nation against foes who threw the rule book out with their first act of war.

Life as an American means that we act in defense of our country. If that defense means that we play a little rough with our foes so be it. I can sleep at night. My pillow, is my peace of mind.

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