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What's your gross expenditure cap?

It's a standard $260. Ludwick is showing up in my various guides valued between $30 and $34.

Out of curiosity, does anyone publish "MoneyBall"-type stat evaluation for fantasy players? Interesting article in last Sunday's NYT Magazine on Shane Battier's contributions on the floor while posting lousy stats.

Is there any way a novice can get into this Fantasy Baseball stuff on the cheap? I might like to dabble, primarily just to give me a reason to follow baseball.

I'm in a big-money league, because that's the kind of high-roller I am. But i believe there are free online leagues, but question the value of being in an online league with a bunch of strangers who have no investment in continuing once the season hits the dog days.

And, Senor Wally, I believe "Moneyball-type" stats are the bread and butter of fantasy baseball. In fact, I believe Money ball itself is an outgrowth of the type of statistics-intensive and budget-intensive team management that is the basis of Fantasy Baseball. My own league, based on CBS Sportsline, offers all kinds of statistical crosstabs. Despite this, my time consistently sucks.

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