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Oh yeah, I call your small town Republican mayor's bad taste in racial comedy, and raise you the mayor of Portland Oregon having gay sex with a teenaged intern.

Because, you know, it's easy and cheap to use anecdotes to smear entire political groups.

Also, you may have noticed that that AP article used by the Boston Globe failed to mention party affiliation.

How convenient. I'm sure a Republican politician caught having butt-sex with a teenager would have his party affiliation completely ignored in news articles as well.

But then, you don't think there's such a thing as media bias, do you?

Oh, and the guy isn't even a Republican.

His own campaign site doesn't mention his affiliation, and even HuffPo, the first folks to rub this in, searched his voter registration records and didn't mention party.

I wonder how quickly some of you go from reading an article like this to simply skimming it searching for the party affiliation of the accused.

How is it to be a serious Republican these days? Not being a Republican I wouldn't know. What I can tell you is that it is comforting to see how fast our new president is working to ruin his presidency. While I wish this were not so because the country will surely suffer, it was probably inevitable given the extreme liberal policies Mr. O'Bama was likely to support. At this moment, the dude is looking like a serious first termer, and combined with the entirely predictable fiscal profligatness of the Bush administration, I'm thinking true conservatives will be in power soon.

I'm for true conservatism like I'm for most things. Good in moderation. Can you give me a name so I can read up and put a face to the "True Conservative"?

"Because, you know, it's easy and cheap to use anecdotes to smear entire political groups. "

I believe, actually, that I'm not smearing all Republicans. I'm smearing the un-serious Republicans who seem to be in charge of the party these days.

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